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Chanel: A look back over the most spectacular sets created by Karl Lagerfeld

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Chanel’s sets, a look back over the most spectacular décor that marked the history of the brandover the years, karl has created the most incredible sets to stage the chanel shows. a surprise to be discovered every season under the glass roof of the grand palais (of which chanel negotiated exclusivity). set designs that illustrate three major themes.the chanel codeskarl lagerfeld constantly payed tribute to the codes of the brand founded in 1910 by gabrielle chanel.a nocturnal walk in place vendôme, symbolic monument that inspired the chanel n°5 perfume bottle, and what coco chanel saw from her suite in the ritz.the lion, another important symbol and gabrielle chanel’s star-sign sits majestically with his paw resting on a giant pearl.or the atelier on rue cambon to highlight the brand’s handmade work.an ode to parisparis is another great source of inspiration for karl lagerfeld.the quay of the seine, with its second-hand booksellers and the academie française for a cultural stroll, a black & white paris to welcome the métiers d’art collection, a truer than life brasserie. and the eiffel tower erected under the dome, with its head in the clouds but its feet anchored to champ de mars’ sand.nature, societal and ecological referenceskarl has always had a sharp eye on society that he transcribed into his show’s decors.a feminist protest in the streets of paris to advocate the freedom of speech for women long before the “me too” movement.karl, still concerned with various societal worries set up 13 wind turbines under the glass roof as well as a 140-meter long podium constructed using solar panels and a data centre with a pile of coloured cables and robotic models.a huge supermarket was reconstructed to evoke consumerism and to bring down luxury in popular places, treated with humour and detail by karl.or launching a rocket into orbit under the astounded gaze of the guests.immediate boarding at gate 5 at the paris cambon airport, with signs for luggage counters.but karl also enjoyed setting his shows in more bucolic and dreamlike atmospheres. an imaginary blooming garden, the rose garden from the château de versailles, the gorges du verdon, a trip to an autumnal forest and lastly, the plage de slit with its waves and fine sand.the most impressive decors that will forever stand out in the brand’s history.