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Paul Smith : Men's & Women's show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

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Designer : paul smithinspiration: whilst a number of shows propose a new technical sportswear vocabulary, paul smith chose to concentrate on a key piece: tailoring. collection: mixed men’s and women’s shown at the same time, wrapped up in big coats and enveloping pea coats, always with detailed collars, a coloured lining and zipped sleeves. underneath, fluidity and comfort for the suits, with different dimensions, constructed or deconstructed, made up luxury materials from jacquard wool to prince of wales, without forgetting the patterns and rainbow colours for a good mood and positive touch. to note: the fluid satin dresses for women and as always, an incredible soundtrack with the velvet underground and suicide for the finale. interview with paul smith: a lot of collections are trying to say a lot in each show, and i just wanted to be really focussed and say i love my tailoring, i love a nice cut, good shape, beautiful fabrics, both for men and women so it was a very focussed collection and as you say, very winter but then there was the fluid dresses in satin and then the nice knitwear. a lot of the tailoring is very soft, very unconstructed. it was a real reworking of my history, and making it very much about today. to show your character, irreverence is really what we need to do, just twist things a bit. i’m famous for colour and i think we just need to be optimistic somewhere over the rainbow we have peace and quiet and tranquillity and happiness. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).