Balmain - Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Paris

Designer : Olivier RousteingCollection : A collection with a strong identity, with references to the 80S ( especially Prince, David Bowie and George Michael ) and pop-rock music Silhouette : supple and enveloping with work around the superposed knitwear. Military influence with blousons with embroidered camouflage motifs.A unisex fashion, coloured with leggings and belted jackets A masculine fashion which imposes itself more and more and resembles its designer who is not scared of anything.Focus on : the many propositions of cropped leather biker jackets with the embedding of nails, glitter and embroidery, demonstrating once again the savoir-faire of the Balmain ateliers.Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions