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Balmain - collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Paris ( with interview )

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Designer : olivier rousteingcollection : a collection with a strong identity, with references to the 80s ( especially prince, david bowie and george michael ) and pop-rock music silhouette : supple and enveloping with work around the superposed knitwear. military influence with blousons with embroidered camouflage motifs.a unisex fashion, coloured with leggings and belted jackets a masculine fashion which imposes itself more and more and resembles its designer who is not scared of anything.focus on : the many propositions of cropped leather biker jackets with the embedding of nails, glitter and embroidery, demonstrating once again the savoir-faire of the balmain ateliers. interview with olivier rousteing : in my opinion you see all this strength in the show, you especially see a man who is comfortable with himself, who has this masculinity but who plays a lot with shiny clothes, with the material, with texture and who’s not scared, for me it was a bit of a hymn, a homage to all the great men that we have lost this year, from david bowie to prince, george michael, who have been, in my opinion, the men who are beyond the sexuality that we speak of, for me it was these men who commanded enormously in terms of music but also in terms of fashion. the knitwear is very important because the knitwear universe is quite new for me, i have been exploiting for several years, but i really extrapolated it this year, and it’s important because the knitwear is a new armor, it’s an armor of comfort, an armor of beauty and of sensuality. all my shows tell a journey, i give my customers and the people in the room a very intimate moment, yes it’s a journey, i travel with myself, i escape from myself, i dream and i make a collection. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)