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Chanel - Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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designer: karl lagerfeldlocation: grand palaisdecoration: the ateliers of haute couture with the workers at work.silhouette: a focus on the new bevelled shoulders, embroidered, decorated with pleats, jackets with shifting volumes towards the back and the new suit worn with short trousers. not a single piece that didn’t have refined embroidery.focus: on the thigh boots and pleated cuffs. and for the hairstyle, a waffle bun was worn, giving the illusion of a hat, held in place by a ribbon in black satin.the evening wear is willowy, with gowns and feathers around the neck and on the bottom of the skirts. to note: the bride in trousers with a train in the front row: jessica chaistain, will smith and his daughter willow, the new muse of chanel.interview with karl lagerfeld:i had the desire to show the first ever ateliers and the workers- and that’s only half of it, the others will be shown in the second fashion show- which will let the workers see their work on the stage, and because it's very close to the audience, i found that it had quite an interesting osmosis affect. large grated boots, made with tulle and very fine suede, and assorted gloves for everyone, and hair that makes them appear two meters tall. we live in a world of extreme luxury and it’s fun that people have the chance to see how luxury fashion is fabricated, that it has been made in the same way for hundreds of years, that’s quite amusing. interview with jessica chastain: i really enjoyed the show and seeing all the work at the ateliers, sometimes we forget how many hours go into each piece, that every bead is hand stitched and it was wonderful to have them acknowledged in this way. also, with the incredible collection, i really felt the time that was spent on each incredible piece. music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show