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Cacharel, the rebirth of a mythical label!

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Carachel, a mythical name of the 70’s, makes a comeback taking centre stage, with jean bousquet still at its head, its illustrious founder. at 83, his aim is to revive the essence of the ready-to-wear clothing, which made this french label so successful, through a repositioning highlighting a high-end, accessible product!interview from jean bousquet:we had two, strong main points to carachel. the first one was the crepe shirt that made the bras take off. it was brigitte bardot who tied them on the chest. and the second point was the beginning of romanticism in the 70s, which was our liberty print and that went worldwide, on shirts as well as on dresses, it was quite extraordinary. there has been a renewal in trade today, which is globalization and the youthfulness around these days is a new youthfulness, so we have to bring something that would be expected of today. our brand is still anticipated therefore we had to reposition it through its distribution and through its design.of course you dream when you see beautiful haute couture works, so we do need to get closer to haute couture in the quality of materials and in design but of course it needs to still be accessible in price.cacharel is a completely global name over the five continents; there are few people who i meet who haven’t heard of it. i don’t think there are many brands that that are in that position. so people have always mixed well with the name and it has never been spoilt, so every time we do something new and interesting, people are very observant and receptive.we have always had a very strong design and marketing team in the company. we try to find young designers and models for the pictures too, who are in this current wave of freshness and we also have to give it a certain novelty. i try to just take our own path, to do things our own way, as there is always a risk when a designer comes into a business that they will go off in a totally different direction to what the brand stands for. so i try to put everything clearly in front of us and that seems to work very well. music free of right : bandit & nikit