, the children’s site that sells like hotcakes world wide, creates the event with Karl Lagerfeld

Children’s fashion has gone to a whole new level thanks to the progress of buying online, giving access to a multitude of brands to you at home., based in Paris, is a perfect example as it’s translated in 8 languages and today delivers children’s clothing to 150 countries. In fact it’s successful by showing products in the form of a fashion magazine, while creating events just like the one proposed in the world premiere children’s collection, signed by Karl Lagerfeld. Interview from Nathalie Christen-Genty:Today Melijoe is about fashion for children, about Paris, so with a style. We distribute 120 brands which we choose according to their image, their DNA. We sell a lot internationally and people look for this French aspect, this renowned French style known worldwide. It’s a clientele that is looking more and more for a good service and who buys for the next day. We are really into useful buys. We deliver 24/7, so if it rains one day, and you don’t have a good parka, you can buy one on line and get it the next day worldwide. It’s a very strong feature of Melijoe, as we are addressing the mum, and the mum that loves fashion. The site is designed as a true fashion magazine for women talking to women about children’s clothes. So yes it is stylish, with trends, it’s about textiles, its products’ details and it’s true that the entire site is quite feminine. We are so honoured that Karl’s team have chosen us to present the cat, Choupette. She is going to revamp the site, animate the site and present all the products in the premiere. Music free of right / Bandit & Nikit 2015

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