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Iris Van Herpen- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with interview)

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Iris van herpen explores nature and architecture for a delicate collection all in transparency and lightness. this season the designer works on a new approach to construct the clothes with graphic cuts and covering up the silhouette. centre stage, gwendoline christie lies stretched out covered by a black net. the nude lace is like a second skin, the waist is accentuated, the perforations in the fabrics create an origami 3d effect. please note: the platform shoes which lengthen the height of the models even more. interview from: iris van herpenthe collection is inspired by living tree bridges in india and these are bridges that are grown from the roots of the trees, so they are not made by human construction. these bridges change their shape and their functionality over time. for me it was a very beautiful example of the potential of living architecture for us, in the future. and for the profession, i really believe that natural processes can be more involved in the actual construction of a garment. this collection was really a mix between folding, weaving, cutting and growing, so all these different techniques came together. even in one garment there can be 4 different techniques woven into each other. so if i could say one word, it’s like lacing, it’s like bringing all the threads together into one garment. we worked a lot with transparency this time and some are really woven by the 16th century machines that make the traditional lace and some have really been laser cut or particularly printed. so it’s going from strength to strength. the shoes this time are very sharp very thin it was really about almost showing air between the ground and the girl. music of the show