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Iris Van Herpen - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interviews

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Reflective materials are the heart of the iris van herpen collection. with her little close fitting dresses worn by models perched on platform shoes scattered with crystals. no prints but designs caused by burning metallic fabrics. pleating effects for the sculptural dresses and ribbed textures for the long tubular dresses. the designer also works on fluid materials for a tunic gathered at the waist. we will notice the simplicity of a black kimono style dress. iris van herpen is set apart from the rest of this paris fashion week, a unique designer, working above all on the figures of women, as a true artist. interviews:iris van herpen: this collection is inspired by terraforming which means creating a biosphere on another planet, so the name of the collection is called “hacking infinity” it’s really about taking space, it’s my fantasy on how a new world would look like, how new geographies would behave, what life in general could look like. the central material in the collection is a really thin metal weave, it’s stainless steel, but the threads are so thin that it becomes a fabric, and we’ve been hand burning it with fire, and that’s how the colours appear, there’s no paint in it. the shoes are a combination of laser cutting and 3d printing, and it’s literally like a cluster of crystals that we 3d scanned, and then we 3d printed it. i’ve been really diving into weaving, so there was a lot of three dimensional weaving in it, one weave has been weaved flat, but then with steam it becomes three dimensional so again, the heat creates the texture. valerie steele: i think was iris brings to the fashion world is a real curiosity about science and technology, her work has been shown in art museums around the world, because it is so sculptural and striking.musique du défilé