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JW Anderson- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in London

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As one of the most highly anticipated shows at london fashion week, jonathan anderson, talented creater and also artistic director of loewe, knows how to surprise and provoke. with his own label he likes to play with materials and create new alluring silhouettes such as the first model, wearing a gold dress draped over the front, clinched in at the waist with a graphic belt, worn with bright yellow boots. following this came the blouses in the same shiny style, coordinated with coloured leather skirts and crossed by a buckle over the front. knitted jumpers with landscape motifs are paired with their trousers. the influence of the 80s is evident, jonathan reinterprets this style with freedom and fun. he plays with bright colours and volume, notably with loose sleeves drawn at the back. this aspect includes the oversized leather jackets with only one button to seduce the audience. these new “party girls” as the designer calls them risk finding their style amongst many girls and fashionistas… to note: the new accessories, triangular, graphic bags, and large brightly coloured boots. interview: jonathan anderson : the collection was about consuming decades, that’s what we’ve been focusing on recently. the idea of rejection of the decades and finding things you love in them. the idea of party girls having fun, and something which is free, with speed and energy. we also looked at those moments in history where countries are liberated and how people want to let go. they have no landmarks, who cares if a decade was a decade that they were part of or not part of, clothing gets all recycled anywhere. i think this season is about volumes. i wanted big volumes and clothing that felt individual, something that felt free and fun, and to let go of it. alexa chung : jw anderson for me epitomizes london in the same way that christopher kane and erdem do, i think they are the three pillars. there are a plethora of fantastic designers here, but i always look forward to his show. i thought it was very strong and powerful, but also a bit more playful than before. i loved all of the glittery fabrics and softer pinks, i think he is very clever. music from the show