Berluti - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

It’s in the Decorative Arts Museum, with an immaculate and dreamlike decor that the Berluti collection presented their collection of shoes and the men’s ready to wear line. A chic and elegant wardrobe, in luxurious materials and light constructions. Comfort is the focus, through jackets without linings and with leather acting as a second skin. Alessandro Sartori was inspired by the blown glass of Murano to create a wardrobe in deep colours that fits closely to the bodies of men whatever their age. The shoes are robust and are distinguishable by a red sole. A certain sensuality exudes from a suit worn like skin/skin tight with a reversible lining of a collar, or by the velvet of a jacket worn with a silk scarf tied around the neck. Throughout the seasons, the Berluti style offers their impeccable and timeless lines. Interview: Alessandro Sartori: I love the idea of something light, and made very chic but without construction and sharp. I look for a masculine approach but I think the man in this moment the one that I have in mind needs something which is super comfortable and light. At the same time normally when you go very light fabric and comfortable silhouette, the silhouette is loose, but I don’t want that. So it’s the juxtaposition between something which is light, deconstructed, yet which is made sharp and chic which is what I’m looking for. The full inspiration is coming from these magic glasses which are arriving from the famous blown glass by Murano. Great innovation in material we have mainly jersey and knitted fabrics, they are boiled so we have no edges but at the same time we have a lot of contents, a lot of quality, a lot of details. If you take the new shoe, the Alessio shoe, which is a new version of Alessandro shoes, it is completely deconstructed is 30% lighter than all the other shoes we have ever done.When you see the colours they are very deep, even in black or even in green and dyed three times to get to the point of black or green that we wanted. He is a modern man, who takes a lot of care about his look and his attitude at the same time as a lot of refinement in the clothes which he chooses. Music from the show

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