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Top 2014 : The top 5 models

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Who were the models seen most in 2014 ? here are the top 5 of the year.starting with joséphine le tutour. we had already spoken about her in 2013, and she became one of the stand out faces for 2014. and 3 years since her victory at the international elite model look competition in 2011, the french joséphine le tutour has come a long way. she has embarked upon her international carrier by moving to new york, all whilst keeping her feet on the ground at a height of 1m79.edie campbell. she has also been the name noticed this year. her boyish rock look and, sulky pout, attracted a number of fashion houses who used her to feature in their autumn/winter 2014 ad campaigns. her new short blond bob seen across the latest shows, was a talking point and proves yet again that the english have really taken over the catwalk.because the number one is still cara delevigne. claiming the trophy of the model of the year for the second time at the british fashion awards, she remains the top most seen of 2014, friends with all the designers, posing even by the side of kate moss for the latest burberry perfume. she’s already been in high demand for the cinema.and finally to 2015, where we’re bound to see these two models. straight to the other queen of the catwalk. binx walton who strutted across all 4 of the latest fashion weeks. a certain craziness takes over this young 19 year old american skater girl, who is in constant demand from the biggest labels. just like kendall jenner. known as the step-sister of kim kardashian, kendall succeeds in convincing the fashion sphere and she became one of the faces to follow. she just celebrated her 19th birthday, and she can boast about being one of the most followed on social media with close to 30 million followers as well signing multiple contracts, the latest to date with estée lauder.interviews: joséphine le tutour: the most difficult part is the loneliness, i’m always travelling alone, i fly alone, it’s not easy, during the fashion weeks you’re running around everywhere, you’re all by yourself. i left brittany to go and live in new york, i didn’t know anyone, i didn’t speak english very well, but all the jobs are over there, it’s where you can make the most amount of money.binx walton: it’s a good season i did all four, yeah it’s been crazy.free music/ bandit & nikit