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Festival de Cannes 2014 – Beauty Rendezvous with Dessange and Dior

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The festival de cannes remains the star-studded event where appearances are everything. after selecting a dress, stars must also be coiffed and made up. how do they prepare their beauty looks and especially how do major salons relocate to cannes? our first rendezvous is with dessange, major partner of the cannes film festival for 30 years.and the four stand-out styles extolled by dessange – faux wavy bob, static extensions, twisted ponytail or sleek minimalism – emerge every night as the top trends on the red carpet.after hair, the second important step is make-up. and the dior house does everything in its power to cosset stars in their pop-up salon.interviews:stéphane bodin:a team of 20 hairstylists are at the actress’ disposal for the duration of the festival. from very early in the morning, at around seven thirty or eight o’clock, especially when they have photo calls and press conferences for the competing films, as a general rule when you are put in charge of an actress, it is for the entire day because there is the red carpet in the evening and also lots of meetings that build up, schedules change every hour or thirty minutes according to all the whims of everybody here. this year, i came up with four fashionable red carpet trends.in cannes, anything goes, even quite original hair styles; if you can’t do it here, then you can’t do anywhere but i find that the main trend is a return to the beautiful, simple and natural.violette:the dior suite is like a hidden beauty paradise because you feel very much sheltered from the outside world; cannes is full of people, non-stop flashes and endless pressure and so you arrive in this cosy nest where you are pampered, beautified and comforted so that you can get your nails done as well as your make-up. sometimes we also have hairstylists who come to perfect the stars’ hair so a woman can have a full beauty service.the women that we look after want to be glamorous. cannes is the place where femininity is celebrated and every pleasure is permitted so if you want to paint your lips in an extremely strong, and intense shade of red then you can, that’s what the festival is all about.music free of right/bandit&nikit 2012