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Hugo Boss Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

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At the end of this new york winter fashion week, hugo boss creates an event by devising a show to present its feminine collection, ‘boss’ with artistic director jason wu at the helm. this extremely in-vogue american designer, who presented his own line at the start of fashion week, took charge of the german label’s ready-to-wear in 2013.for this first collection, the designer clearly knew how to adapt the codes of the house in his own style, particularly using his knowledge of tailoring. from the very first outfits, perfectly cut coats give way to masterpiece trouser-suits. some are designed with a double jacket whilst others sport printed, graphic lines. a new femininity is also noticeable with a variety of dresses, on which the embroidery was inspired by the bauhaus movement, highlighting the upper body through a bare back, intricate plays with thin straps and plunging necklines. the gamble pays off, leaving us desperate to discover more…jason wu:when i first joined the company last june, my first order of business was to get into the archives and to look at all the technical abilities that the company is able to do and accomplish and to channel that into a collection that was strong, feminine but very authentic to the hugo boss dna and also feminine at the end of it all.it was interesting for me, known for very feminine designs, to inject a bit of my sense of femininity into the clothes but still paying a lot of respect to what the company is all about and what they are so brilliant at making which is the perfectly tailored jacket. that in itself is one of the hardest things to achieve in fact.it is about textures, it is about the feel, the alpaca scarves feel so generous, the cashmere coats and the baby camel coats; these are the clothes modern women want to wear.music from the fashion show