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Behind the scenes of the big champagne houses (with itw)

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The lvmh group includes 6 big internationally renowned champagne houses located in the champagne region born more than 100 years ago. a look at the birth and production of these famous bubbles through a visit to the historic sites rarely open to the public. first stop in the lair of a young 30 year old monk named dom pérignon. before the result, we take a look at the vineyards including mercier parcels, the first house in the xix century to provide accessible quality champagnes, by using major means of communication. at krug, there’s another type of original vineyard located at the center of the village of mesnil-sur-oger, dating back to the 17th century. following the vines, we move towards the cellars of moët & chandon to discover the conservation of bottles. 28 km of galleries, the largest in champagne, where the greatest vintages are placed in niches, except for the oldest bottle of pink champagne in the world recently discovered, dating from 1878. bottles that come out of these wineries are ready to be enjoyed. those who say an exceptional wine, also say an exceptional place, veuve clicquot ponsardin opens the doors to two beautiful properties, the manor, former home of the head of verzy, on the high tops of the hillside vineyards of the village and the hotel du marc in reims, the place to welcome hosts of the brand, completely restored by contemporary artists in 2010. the lvmh group presents its 2nd edition of its ‘journées particulières’ on the weekend of the 15th and 16th june 2013 in france, italy, spain, united kingdom, switzerland, belgium and poland. music free of right / nikit & bandit 2012 interview véronique foureur : we are here today in the former bénédictine abbey of hautvillers but what’s important here is the character of dom pierre perignon, who during 47 years worked in winemaking and the improvement of sparkling wines and he brought them to a point of fame that had never been reached before. julie cavil : we are at krug, clos du mesnil, we find ourselves here in a parcel that is a true plot of land in the town center and it’s a vine that was planted 300 years ago. we divided this little garden into 5 micro-plots, which we will follow and pick individually and effectively to meet the perfect balance for krug and that does not mean that it is the ideal perfect balance for other champagnes but for krug we will intervene in the harvesting over several days and of course we will have these different pallets in terms of wine plots that we will multiply, but also in terms of years since the assembly of krug grande cuvée is composed of 12, 13, 14 years of different grape harvests.