Lanvin Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (avec itw)

A festive and relaxed atmosphere at the École des Beaux-Arts last night. Popcorn and soft drinks to welcome guests to the sound of a live singer. A pleasant way to start the evening. On the catwalk, Alber Elbaz also fulfills our expectations and pupils. In high heels or flat derbies, from the beginning to the end of the presentation, the silhouette remains elegant, charming, feminine and creative. The designer proposes a complete fashion with multiple proposals. Everything seems simple and yet it's not. A nude dress discreetly drapes on the side of one leg. A black corolla dress is accessorised with a rose on one side. A neoprene coat warms up a satin nightgown. Ruffles of chiffon for a top and a straight skirt, transforms the woman into flowers and insect patterns (butterflies and beetles) bringing a touch of humour and a certain poetry. And through his accessories Alber Elbaz delivers a message of happiness, joy and declarations of love. Further proof that the designer knows how to speak to women!!! Catherine Deneuve is the first to succumb.

Music from fashion show

Alber Elbaz : Everything is in the technique and less in the technology. I saw a presentation by Olivier Saillard de Galliera with Tilda Swinton a few months ago and it was the most beautiful moment I've experienced in fashion in a long time, and it gave me a kind of sensation and it inspired me when I got home to start a collection because sometimes I think fashion is so hard nowadays, everything is so weird and scary. And this time I said that I'm not going to be afraid even if people say `it looks old putting a white rose..' I say, there is nothing wrong with the old, I love the old and the new, there isn't just one story that I love, I love lots of things. It's the black dress and the coat that are cut on the bias but in checks and it's a suit that is stretched so you can have a dessert if you want one because the fabric will adapt, and there are floral dresses if you want flowers, or it's on the skinny jean and a black jacket.

Lucas Ossendrijver : That's his talent, because it seems simple when actually it's very complicated when you see the support, when you see how it's done, you must look at it closely.

Catherine Deneuve : I found it great, there are black dresses that are absolutely wonderful, and tailoring that looks very simple, clever, pretty and feminine, so it's a very a beautiful collection.

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