Berluti - Menswear Presentation Report Fall / Winter 2013/14 (avec itw)

It's at night, in the snow, that we enter the National History Museum located in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris for the presentation of the Berluti collection. It's rare being able to penetrate such a beautiful place in the evening when it's closed to the public. Moreover, everyone in the fashion world, understands why the Arnault family, owner of the brand, made this trip. A row of coats barricade the top of the stairs, then in the first few rooms, wooden mannequins are found with animal heads locked in cases. The surprise soon gives way to delight when we arrive in the main room, called the grand gallery of Evolution. The real models are divided into several frames and are surrounded by animals. Alessandro Sartori, who in addition to running the shoe and accessory lines of the house and having also taken over the ready-to-wear line, chose this place to draw a parallel between the roots and the savoir-faire of the house and the desires of tomorrow, through clothing thanks to prowess techniques. A trench in waxed kangaroo leather is an eye catcher, three piece suits in cashmere, angora or Cheviot wool are worn with zipped jackets, while we learn that the sweaters were handmade. With this collection, Alessandro transports the male wardrobe into a new sphere of luxurious elegance.

Music from the fashion show

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