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The designers on holiday with Karl Lagerfeld

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For some the word "holiday" goes with well-deserved rest and prospective joy and for others with horror, inactivity symbolizes nothingness! overview of our designers, workaholics ... so holidays, what do you think of them? and your happiest memory ? with karl lagerfeld karl lagerfeld : firstly the word does not exist for me, i hate the word " vacant " that is to say empty, it does not exist. i do one thing very well, like children, i cut myself from my past, i don't remember anything. it's like how catherine pozzi says in one of her poems, "my heart left my story," i'm like children, i don't have any memories. the past is past, who cares, for me what is interesting me is to do and not to have done, with holidays it is the same, i have had some good holidays, but i always do things. for me lying in the sun, unless you are 20 years old, after that we cannot, except if you want skin cancer .... but there are times when people stop working, and i cannot torture anyone to continue to work. music - copyright free