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23 nov. 2022
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Dreamstate - Spring/Summer 23 (Livetrend)

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23 nov. 2022

Dreamstate. The perspective on our future is changing. For SS23, designers are stepping away from despair and anxiety to realize that we are indeed able to shape our future. With an overarching sense of hope towards this brave new world, images of a softer utopia emerge to inspire designs.

Focusing on well-being and a clear mental state leads collections to draw inspiration from the world of rest, from recent wellness innovations and from the power of dreaming. Explorative designs merge various sleepwear, lingerie and futuristic ingredients into a new context here.

Silhouettes move between cocooning and revealing and looks are enriched by a new era of pastel shades that seem slightly more tech and artificially augmented. Classic chic loungewear items, like the tank, the slip-dress and the camisole are transformed with deconstructing and undressing effects and create new uniform.

Boudoir moments in lace and satin meet gummy-like surfaces and modern hardware for an exciting mix. From Acne to Burberry and Sportmax to Jonathan Simkai, brand’s are showing their interest in this new image of a tender future that promises to keep us positive, focused and safe.

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