Topshop Unique- Fashion show Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in London with interview

The wardrobe of the British it-girl is fully reflected in this new collection from Topshop Unique . The light dresses multiply, open at the front, draped at the back, in floral, polka dots, or animal print. They are worn with masculine jackets or coats. The high waisted jeans as black trousers finish above the ankle. The very happening summer fur is worn as a scarf or a coloured coat. For the evening, the lace transparent dresses are embroidered with flowers. «That’s England for you, always ready to go to the countryside or party hard,”the conclusion was made backstage, Kate Phelan the Artistic Director.I think it is a real true celebration of a British Summer; the tea dresses from a garden party, Savile Row tailoring, the fluffy marabou feathers, were all there to add a sort of lovely, breezy ‘British summer’ feeling.ITW Kate PhelanI think it’s really important to have the masculine and feminine working together. I love the fact that Savile Row is a Great British institution, and so tailoring is something that I think is very synonymous with British style. So the collection was really about highlighting the Great British style the Great British summer, whether it’s the cricket sweater or whether it’s the Savile Row pin stripe or whether it’s the garden party tea dress. It’s about having that all working and playing together at the same time. Music from the show

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